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Smith York Sprinklers: Beautiful Garden Art

There’s nothing quite like a pretty garden that soothes the eyes and relaxes the senses. Though your house may be a wonderful place to live in, there are times when you just need to get out of it and breathe in the fresh, lovely air as you appreciate a gorgeous view.

smith york sprinklers

Smith York Sprinklers offer a whimsical, artistic touch to your garden. The different designs available are truly works of art, designed to attract the eye and appeal to the heart. And best of all is the fact that they’re incredibly functional as well – these sprinklers spray water in an interesting geometric pattern, because they contain a water-lubricated machined brass spinning mechanism.

These sprinklers are mounted on a 30-inch pole with a swivel hose connection and three-prong base, so that water floats down gently to your plants like summer rain. They have a natural copper finish that enhances over time, as it oxidizes and develops a greenish patina that adds character and beauty to the metal.

You can even customize these sprinklers further by choosing your patina and the beads on the ends of the flower. For the patinas, choose among new penny, which will develop a rainbow of colors over time; verde, which already has a realistic oxidized look, and pewter, for a rich, silver look that’s classic and timeless.

Place these sprinklers in the middle of your garden to serve as a focal point for a truly unique and beautiful view.