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Pewter Charms – A great gift for any day

There are occasions that spontaneously call for a gift to be given… and won’t it be a shame if you don’t have anything to give? Maybe you want to show your appreciation, or perhaps you were touched by the other person, or maybe you just felt like giving something to make that person feel that they’re loved.

Here’s where pewter charms come in handy. These small charms make a great gift for any occasion. Created by designer artist Judy Vilmain, these charms inspire and lighten the heart of any receiver.

pewter charms
Keep these pewter charms in your pocket because you never know when you need to give a spontaneous gift! Acorns for growth, pollywogs for change, hearts for love, and angels for peace and serenity. The person you give it to will surely treasure such a simple but heartfelt gift.