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Tender, Sweet and Useful – Handmade Jewelry Boxes

Women love pretty little things, especially jewelry. Stunning pieces of jewelry make the most marvelous accessories to complete one’s look. You can’t help but admire a woman who looks beautiful and classy wearing pieces that complement her clothing. To ensure that no harm comes to these striking pieces of art, it’s important that they’re kept in a safe place. You want to make sure that your jewelries are protected so they don’t get any scratches, bumps or bruises. This is why jewelry boxes were invented. At Stowecraft’s, we don’t carry your typical jewelry box. Ours are handmade wood jewelry boxes, beautifully crafted and stunningly made. The exteriors are classic in appearance while the interiors are wonderfully etched to make the perfect bed for your jewels. With fabric lines that are thick and soft, these jewelry boxes ensure that each piece of your jewelry stands alone so that it won’t hit or scratch another piece.   handmade jewelry boxes   Our jewelry boxes make a beautiful gift. They are wonderful to behold, and would make a great heirloom to be passed on to succeeding generations. High quality and exquisitely made, you can ensure that your jewelries will be safely cocooned within it, free from any harm or danger.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you picked out a gift for your sweetheart yet? At Stowecraft, we carry so many unique and stunning works of art that it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’re running out of ideas, here are some suggestions…

For Women

You can never go wrong with giving jewelry, and we carry some of the most beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry that can be found in the US. Dana Kellin is a popular choice, as her pieces are stylish, modern and timeless. From classy necklaces to sophisticated earrings, your chosen valentine will definitely appreciate receiving these jewelry.

Or if you want something more dramatic, a piece from Ed Levin Jewelrymay do the trick. Colorful gemstones are the hallmark of these pieces, set in white and yellow gold. Here’s a stunning Ruby Lighthouse Lens Cut Ring…

strellman jewelry

Another gift option that your sweetheart can definitely appreciate is a classic, wooden, handmade jewelry box. Our jewelry boxes are a wonder to behold, and she will enjoy the craftsmanship of these pieces and how each has been lovingly made.

For Men

Choosing a gift for your man can be a bit tricky, but here at Stowecraft, we carry a wide array of potential gifts for men. A wine caddy can make an excellent gift (make sure to include the wine when you give it). You will enjoy browsing through the amusing and striking wine caddy sculptures that we carry – make sure to choose one that’s significant to the one you’re giving it to.

We also carry unique jewelry that your man can surely appreciate. Sergio Lub Copper Bracelets, for example, are handmade and wonderfully made, and you also get the added benefit of them being good for one’s health. Copper is said to treat inflammation and improve circulation, and your sweetheart will be appreciative of the fact that you’re thinking of his health as well.

You can definitely find the perfect Valentine’s Gift here at Stowecraft. So browse around, and find something unique for the person you love.

The Timeless Elegance of Simon Pearce Glassware

Nothing signifies elegance more than using classic glassware in your dining room and kitchen. Glass is so wonderful to behold – delicate yet sturdy; can easily break, but can also last a very long time if taken care of properly.

Simon Pearce Glass is the best known glass blower in Vermont. Each piece is delicately crafted using brilliant, crystal clear glass. Simon Pearce Glassware make wonderful home accessories as well as delightful gifts. Any homeowner will appreciate how these dining and kitchen pieces are so unique and beautifully made.


Here at Stowecraft, we carry their serving bowls, candlesticks, pitchers, vases, and stem barware. Using Simon Pearce Glassware will definitely add timeless elegance to any gathering, no matter the occasion.